Is Bottle Water Clean and Safe? Find Out Which Brand Is the Best and Worst

by Dean Iodice on January 9, 2012

Water water everywhere but WHICH DROP DO WE DRINK?

When you go to a restaurant they always put out a glass of water before your meal. My question is always where does that water come from? More than likely it’s tap water, which I would never drink, and since I drink water with every meal I always choose to go with bottled water thinking it’s better. But boy was I wrong.

Here in the United States you would think we should not be concerned about bad water but that’s pretty far from the truth in fact some cities across this country are pumping out some pretty nasty water from their faucets. When people open the faucet in their homes they assume they are getting clean healthy water but the reality is that could not be further from the truth. In fact some water from your tap could be full of harmful chemicals and inorganic materials which could be harmful to the human body.

The general concerns about water quality in your home today focus on chlorine, arsenic, pesticides, lead and herbicides. With all this said, we decided to test the tap water in our city to see how it is. Then I started thinking could the water they sell in bottles be an actual safer alternative? You would think so considering the prices they charge for bottled water.

Armed with a water tester and a trip to the store to purchase one of each brand of bottled water we started testing.

Are tests are measuring the total TDS (total dissolved solids) in the water. TDS is inorganic substances such as salt, metals and other elements disolved in drinking water. These types of deposits come from both natural and man-made sources like road salts, old piping, leaves, sand, salt etc. The FDA requires that bottled water have a total TDS reading of 000-010ppm. Just to give you an idea of this rating, typical tap water can run from 002-400ppm depending on the city you live in. You can find out your measurement by visiting

So here are the results of the most popular bottled water on the market today. The results will blow your mind.

Here are the tests from Worst to First

evian Water Quality


Evian Bottled Water (WORST WATER TESTED)
Evian, this brand advertises itself as the classy brand of water. Visit any country club in Palm Beach and I’m sure you’ll see Evian in the hands of a few. Not a big fan of Evian myself I always felt it had a dry and plastic taste to it, kind of like the people who drink it. LOL, had to throw that in. The Evian brand however is not as popular as it once was and their is reason for that. It’s rock bottom the worst water we tested and that includes Miami city tap water. This water rated so bad we thought of testing public toilet water at Wal-Mart to help it’s rating on the list. Evian tested at a horrible 212ppm



zephryhills water quality


Zephyrhills Bottled Water
Zephyrhills, I thought this would have the worst rating but still I thought it would be better than Miami city tap water. Zephyrhills is nothing more that city water from the city of Zephyrills, Florida. I will admit I drink it from time to time, it’s not the best tasting but certainly one of the cheapest bottled waters on the market. The only thing Zephyrills will appreciate about this test is that Evian was tested as well. Zephyrhills tested at 187ppm




Miami Water Quality


City of Miami Tap Water
Yep believe it or not city tap water tested better than two very popular bottled waters that you can find in every store across this country. Straight from the tap; Miami City water tested at 117ppm much better that both Evian and Zephyrills and a lot cheaper. The only reason we added tap water to our test is so that you can see the quality guide lines we going up against.





Nestle Miami Water Quality


Nestle Pure Life Bottle Water
A Wal-Mart staple and the cheapest water on the list. I thought my god this stuff is gonna test bad. Nestle water tested at 72ppm. Not great but much better than the last three, however I think we are in need of a name change, Pure Life is just not fitting.





smartwater Water Quality


Smart Water
Disclaimer here, Smart water is my favorite bottled water, it just taste clean and fresh to me. So I could not wait to test it. Also let it be know that Smart water is the most expensive of all the waters tested here, usually carrying a price tag of close to $2.00 per bottle. Smart Water tested at 27ppm. So much better than the last three and I really thought would be the clear winner.




dasani  Water Quality


One of the most popular waters on the market today bottled by Coca-Cola, and one of the higher priced bottles, Dasani has good taste and tested very good. Dasani tested at a mind blowing 23ppm, it beat my Smart Water which really shocked me but by so little that I would continue buying it over Dasani just because I like it better.







This hidden gem from San Francisco offers a wonderful bottle of water with a hint of mint flavor. I was introduced to MetroMint about a year ago at a blogging conference where it was a giveaway sample. I was surprised to find it just this past weekend at a local farmers market where I purchased a couple bottles. Just in time for our water test I could not wait to test it. My thought process was maybe because it has mint in it, it may not get a good rating but I was very surprised when it tested at 3ppm. This reverse osmosis water is a must try.




aquafina Water Quality


The main competitor of Dasani, Aquafina and of Course made by Pepsi. Aquafina was the clear winner as the best water tested by far. Aquafina tested at 2ppm. The cleanest and purest bottled water on the market today is clearly Aquafina.





There you have it. TDS water tests on some of the most popular bottled waters on the market today. We are going to dig a little deeper and find out about types of plastic bottles used for these waters as well, since that seems to be a hot topic now with BPA and recycling issues.

We would love to here your thoughts on this article as well.


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  • Sean Padlo

    Dasani is a Coke product; AQUAFINA is a Pepsi one.

    • Dean

      Thanks for the fix, I mixed them up.

  • Candiggy

    I worked for Pepsi and Aquafina is NOT a Coke product – Dasani is. Aquafina is a Pepsi product.

    • Dean

      oops, mixed that one up. Thanks for the correction

      • stevelutz13

        You also mixed up the whole article. I think you forgot to run tests on things that are actually unhealthy in your water; e.g. fluoride, radionuclides, organic compounds, fertilizers, poisons, pharmacologies, etc. Minerals in your water (read: TDS) are actually healthy for your body. Poisons leached from plastic bottles are not. I know it’s been about 18 months since you wrote this, but it might be time to revise…unless PepsiCo paid you for this article. In that case, you should disclose that information.

        • Dean Iodice

          LOL, no we were not paid by PepsiCo, thanks for your feedback

  • Jodynorth13

    I live metromint! Great test.

    • Jodynorth13


      • Anonymous

        Hi Jody, I figured you meant Love, but you can live it as well :) Thanks for the comment.

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  • Jay

    This is the worst report I’ve ever seen in my life. Rating Aquafina as the best of all is an absolute joke. Anyone relying on this report to determine which water to buy, I own a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell ya. Please folks, do more research.

  • Jdrew005

    While I applaud your effort to figure out what’s in bottled water, your data is pretty meaningless. City (municipal) water is required to meet stringent EPA test quality, and TDS isn’t even on the list. TDS doesn’t tell you WHAT is in the water. It could be a little carbon, it could be magnesium, calcium (common) or other things. What you REALLY need to know is how much of the really nasty stuff is in there, and that requires testing by mass spectrometers, with skilled chemists running the tests. Hey that 2ppm in Aquafina could be all benzene! That’s regulated at ppb for city water.
    Now what you actually have coming out of your tap can be quite different than what came out of the drinking water plant. It goes through old pipes, the ones in the street as well as the ones in your house. So if you really want to know, take a sample in a VERY clean container, which you probably don’t have since you’d wash it with your water, and take it to a certified laboratory. The state health laboratories will sometimes test it, and the municipal water supplier has the ability to do the tests. The container should be glass for organics and plastic for metals analysis.
    Best bet is for your drinking water put tap water thru something like a Brita filter, which will pick up the organics (like benzene) and has an ion exchange system in it too for metals. Your tap water is probably better than any of these commercial waters. They are not regulated like city water.

    I’m an analytical chemist and been doing this for a long time. I once actually ran a bunch of commercial waters by these expensive mass spectrometer methods, and there was one that was truly shocking. It was “Clearly Canadian” and came from the city supply but from the tap in an industrial park in Montreal. It was loaded with toluene, benzene, chlorinated solvents and arsenic. They flavored it to make it more appealing –or maybe so you couldn’t taste the benzene. I don’t think it’s on the market any more.

    • ky3

      omg i loved clearly canadian and was thinking about buying a case online I drank it all the time in my child hood

  • Mailinator

    TDS does not equal quality. This report is idiodic.

  • Mad

    This is probably the worst report on water quality that I have ever seen. TDS is not a measure of quality. Before you start testing water on your own, understand how it is supposed to be tested and do us all a favor by taking this report down and apologizing for this pseudo-scientific study. That’s the least you can do

  • Jennifer Gellert

    test fiji water!

  • Z

    Total Dissolved solids is not such a good basis for rating quality of water, it is only part of it. In springs, natural minerals exist and contribute to the alkalinity and bioresonance of the water. This is a highly misinformed article. You rated Miami Tap Water based on TDS, did you ever think ok FLOURIDE, and a million other toxins that this water has been confirmed to having?

  • Nick

    This comparison report is unfortunately misleading and uninformed. As Jdrew005 explains, the TDS is only a small aspect of what is in water. Furthermore, mineral content in water is actually beneficial to the body providing vital minerals and vitamins that we need to function. Aquafina water for example is produced by using reverse osmosis treatment to create essentially pure water. However, drinking large amounts of pure water can leech minerals from the body and increase the rate of urine production making you thirstier.

    For people concerned with what is in their water, I encourage you to visit your local municipality website and download their annual water quality report. These reports are often available in easy to read formats and clearly explain the water composition, sources, and how the various components fit within established regulatory guidelines.

    • Dean Iodice

      Nick, thanks for the feedback. We appreciate your opinion on the topic. Thanks for reading.

  • bigpar

    Water with some TDS is good for you! If you do some real research you will see that brands like evian and Fiji with higher counts are healthier options than major brands like dasani and aquafina. Dissolved solids play an important role in health and taste of our water. Basing a “report” on TDS to tell people what is healthy is uninformed and has no basis in science. You are actually recommending the least healthy options here.

    • Dean Iodice

      Appreciate your feedback. Oddly Evian and Fiji are the two worst tasting waters on the market. Smart Water is by far the best water on the market. Thanks for reading though

  • tim

    lol what a f’n joke!… aquafina is not considered water in my book… don’t dig too far.. if pepsi hand their hands on it.. than that is an automatic givaway that is not quality product! otherwise they would have made their sodas safer… hands down evian is the best water you can buy in USA!

    • Dean Iodice

      Tim, Evian is a love it or hate it water, it’s very dry as odd as that sounds. For me personally there is no better water than Smart Water. Thanks for your input though.

    • waterdude

      Wow evian is not the best first off any bottled water that doesn’t state that its purified . Is horrible such as arrowhead any other spring water … but the tds is a huge thing . You want the least amount possible evian is better than some cities water such as duarte covina barstow anywhere otherthan hHesperia or victorville. And it appears that some people who commented are ignorant . Tds and hardness. Is how you TEST water. So therefore dasani and aquafina beat thee the bullshit evian which isn’t purified obviously . However at the same token the stupid water companies add minerals after they took them out by a reverse osmosis. Stupid!!!!! All I have to say is if you guys really want good drinking water get a reverse osmosis yourself . It fits under your sink and the best one to buy is rainsoft. The company offers a lifetime warranty on the equipment. Other than that your gonna get water that’s not good any tds above 20 isn’t good. Rainsoft ro can get you in the low single digits or right below 20 tds depending on where you live and what your water supply is like . For example hinkley . Even with a water treatment and ro their water is so bad still but ay

  • Ken

    This is so freaking stupid. You’re rating waters based on how much mineral content each has?

    • Dean Iodice

      Yep we are. Thanks for the feedback

  • Hunkashoo

    I’ve blind tested many types of bottled water and concluded that Evian is the best by far. I don’t know what it is about Evian but it’s just so smooth. The mineral content in the drink is actually what makes it good. Aquafina is the worst water I’ve tested next to Nestle Pure life.

  • Alipio

    Total dissolved solids is a measure of “badness.” You’re an idiot or worse. Solids are NOT contaminants.

  • Gadzooks

    Aquafina is the worst water to drink because it’s reverse osmosis water. What that means is that they strip it of not only all the toxins, but the minerals as well. Why is this bad? Because when you drink empty water, your body leaches the missing nutrients from your body, thus leaving you worse off then you were before you drank the water. These bottled waters do absolutely nothing good for you. They rob you of your electrons and make your body acidic, which is the best way to get cancer. Sorry.

  • John Smith

    Since most of these companies add minerals (mineral are solids) back to water after purification to improve taste, measuring TDS is an inaccurate and uneducated way to compare bottled waters, as other posters have said. Better to compare by taste. Do they taste more like cheap plastic or do they taste like pure water? Real high tech huh.

  • Angie Newell

    They all have poop.

  • skookus_supremus

    you realize that Evian charges a premium for the TDS in their water? This is the dumbest internet article I’ve ever read.

  • Karim

    It amazes me how clueless the writer is, do some research before posting or find another job. There is enough misinformation in the world and writers like you are not helping.

  • asdasd

    You’re way too upset.

  • Rastus McBride

    What a complete and utter GODAM MORON! TDS could be fucking plutonium or it could be calcium… some of this stuff is MINERAL WATER YOU USELESS EXCUSE for an “author” … hang it up, your FIRED! Btw I think your in league with the enemy!


    I don’t know if this is relevant, but I read another bottled water taste test and the winner, hands down, was Poland Spring. They said bottled water must have 2 words on the label,,,,SPRING and NATURAL in order to be considered, by law, a pure, healthy water. The purest and the healthiest of these come from DEEP spring wells, and Poland Spring is the deepest. It also tastes like pure, unadulterated water.

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